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About the Choir School


The Choir School is a boarding school for boys in grades three through eight who are the treble choristers of the Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys. All boys board at the school through the academic year, which runs from early September to early June.

Third grade boys participate in a modified, five-day boarding plan and are permitted to depart on Friday afternoon and return Sunday evening. Therefore, grade three boys must live within a reasonable driving distance. Beginning with grade four, boys from across the country are accepted to the school and participate in a seven-day boarding program to accommodate their choral duties. Admission is on a rolling basis and students are accepted to the school until Christmas of their fifth grade year.

The Choir School offers a challenging pre-preparatory curriculum, inter-scholastic sports, and musical training. An average class size of eight students ensures each boy of individual attention both in the classroom and out. A Choir School education prepares young boys to face the future with hope and confidence. For information regarding admission to the Choir School, contact Ruth Cobb,, or, 212-247-3311.




The Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys is considered to be the premiere choral ensemble of the Anglican music tradition in the United States and among the finest in the world.

The Choir presents an annual Concert Series with a period instrument orchestra from October to May in addition to singing four weekly Evensong services, Sunday Eucharist, and numerous liturgical feast day services throughout the year. The rehearsal schedule requires the preparation of an astounding four hundred pieces of sacred music a year. The men of the choir are professional singers; the boys attend Saint Thomas Choir School, the only church related boarding choir school in the United States, and one of only a few choir schools remaining in the world.

The Choir has performed in the U.S. and internationally in annual tours. Choir concerts and services have been broadcast nationally and abroad, among them, their world premiere performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Requiem with Placido Domingo at Saint Thomas Church, taped by the BBC and televised internationally. The Choir has recorded both their own repertory of music from the fifteenth century to contemporary works, currently totaling over twenty recordings.


A History of the Choir School

Founded in 1919 and located in the heart of New York City, Saint Thomas Choir School is the only church-affiliated boarding choir school in the U.S. Its mission — established by Saint Thomas Church — marries three great traditions: music, education and Christian community.

Serving a select group of boys in the 3rd through 8th grades, Saint Thomas Choir School plays a unique and formative role in the life of each boy. The school also makes a singular contribution to the Episcopal Church and to the society and culture of our time.

The 35 to 40 boys who each year attend Saint Thomas Choir School not only live, study and work together as part of a community of learning, they also sing together as professional members of the world-class choir of Saint Thomas Church.

As such, the boys of the Choir School are key players and participants in a rich and living tradition — a tradition of education, sacred music and Christian worship that traces it roots far back through the centuries. The boys of Saint Thomas Choir School, in short, are both beneficiaries of and contributors to one of the great streams of Western culture and learning.

Under the guidance of the school’s teachers, leaders and staff, the boys are gifted partipants in this "great stream” and receive an education like no other. Certainly the study, practice and performance of sacred music sets the Choir School education apart from practically every other school of any kind. But by the same token, the school’s solid academic instruction and caring community life offer the boys and their families the ultimate assurance and guarantee of a deep and well-rounded education.

Each boy who graduates from Saint Thomas Choir School is thoroughly prepared academically and socially to take full advantage of what the future offers. As one alumnus wrote: "After Saint Thomas, I was more than ready to dive into the work expected of me in high school. Saint Thomas is something that’s...part of me regardless of where my particular path goes in life.”







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