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Frequently Asked Questions


Will the choir school accept boys at any grade?


Boys currently in the Second Grade may audition for entry into the Third Grade if his family lives in close proximity to Manhattan and are able to bring him home each Friday afternoon and return Sunday evening.


Boys currently in the Third or Fourth grade have the option of applying for admission during the current school year or the next academic year.


Unfortunately, we rarely accept boys after Christmas vacation of the Fifth Grade.  Due to the intensive nature of musical training it is very difficult for a boy to reach the required level of his peers if he begins after Fifth grade.


My son hasn’t taken music lessons; should we wait to apply until after we have enrolled him in instrumental study?


We strongly encourage all parents of prospective students to make an appointment to visit the school as early as possible, regardless of their instrumental level.  Many boys enter the Choir School with no instrumental background. 


Can our other children visit the school?


Yes.  Your other children may visit at the time of the visit, or, if you prefer, at a subsequent date.


We live far away; is it possible to complete the visit and audition in one trip?


Exceptions are sometimes made allowing for the Visit and Audition to be conducted in one trip, with the caveat that another visit may be requested.   We find that families benefit from a return visit to the school and more time spent in the school surroundings. 


Can we really afford a boarding school?


Our tuition is substantially less than other boarding schools.  This is because the boys are compensated for their musical service with an outstanding education.  Tuition for the 2014-2015 school year is $14,875, and 80% of our families receive aid toward that amount. 


Is financial aid available?


Yes; for those families who qualify, we have a budget for financial aid.  The Choir School uses the School and Student Services of Princeton, NJ, to determine financial need as well as requesting certain documentation from the families.  Once accepted, families requesting aid are sent the appropriate information.


When are auditions held?


Unlike the school visits which take place frequently, overnight auditions are held only three or four times a year.  A student must be invited to audition the weekend following a school visit. 


What is the parents’ role during auditions?


As the audition is a chance for the candidate to try out the full boarding experience, parents of candidates are asked to depart on Thursday after dropping their son off at school and return Saturday morning at the designated time.  A complete and detailed schedule is sent prior to the audition.


When will families be notified if their son has been accepted?


Families are notified in writing approximately two weeks after the audition, provided the admissions file is complete. 


To what extent will we be involved? 


Families with boys in the school are expected to actively participate in the choir school community.  Families are expected to schedule themselves around the holidays and visiting times set out by the school. 


Can I speak to a current choir school family?


Absolutely!  Following the school visit, we will match you with a current (“mentor”) family, and ask them to get in touch with you. 




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