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Clark Taylor, '65
"This is a photo I came across of myself, (Clark Taylor '65) and Rick deVillafranca Ken Pyle and Kevin Dungy all of '64. I was originally in the class of 64 but repeated the 6th grade. Even so, the three of us remained close. My best guess is that this was taken about 1963".

I believe that it was a weekend that we went to my grandfathers and he took us to Coney Island. In those days we would go home about every weekend. We'd leave after the 4:00pm service on Sunday and were back by 7:00 pm Monday. Many times we would go to each others homes. Rick, Ken and I lived in CT while Kevin lived in NJ. My grandfather however, lived in Long Island and we would sometimes go and stay with him. As it happened,he lived on one of the old grand estates on the "Gold Coast" whose owner no longer used it. It was a great place to go and have fun as a kid. As an aside, once a year we would bring the whole school out to the estate for a day. There was plenty of room and it was on the sound".

Clark Taylor, '65

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