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Music potential in a child is not an exact science, but we do everything possible to assist a boy to prepare for and demonstrate his desire and ability to sing. Regardless of the extent of his musical background, he will feel better prepared and more confident if he is led through the simple exercises prior to the vocal evaluation and audition. A music teacher or choir director may be available to offer assistance. Please ask the admission office if you need help in locating someone to guide your son in preparation.

The Vocal Evaluation

The Director of Music will meet with each candidate on the day of the School Visit. Students are asked to be prepared to sing a simple folk song or hymn, and to bring an extra copy of the music for the accompanist. Each boy is also asked to sing simple exercises that will demonstrate his vocal range and ability to hear and sing notes heard within melodic and harmonic context. We highly recommend that parents ask a Music Teacher or Choir Director to assist in preparing their son for the Vocal components of the admissions process. Boys are much more confident if they know what will be asked of them and we are happy to provide further details. Please contact the Admissions Office.


The Vocal Audition

Candidates are asked to prepare as they did for the Vocal Evaluation. They should arrive prepared to sing a hymn or folk song and to bring a copy or the music for the accompanist. If the student plays an instrument he should be prepared to play a selection during the audition. He may bring the instrument and music with him on Thursday and he will be given time to practice during regularly scheduled practice times.

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