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Application Process
General Information


Boys in grade two or three who live within a fifty mile radius of Manhattan may apply for admission to the third grade. Separate information regarding this five-day boarding program is available from the Admission Office.

Boys from across the country in grade three through Christmas of fifth grade are invited to pursue admission to the Choir School.

There are two steps in the admissions process; the School Visit and the Overnight Audition, as well as written application materials to be completed.


School Visit


The family will receive a Preliminary Information Form which should be returned to the school prior to the School Visit.

School Visits are scheduled on days when the Choir School is in regular session and typically begin with a tour of the school. The student will have a Vocal Evaluation with the Director of Music (or an associate) and then join his peers for one class period while his parents speak with a member of the staff.

Families are encouraged to return home and talk about their visit and consider whether they are interested in pursuing admission. Likewise, faculty and staff consider whether the student is a viable candidate or, in some instances, further vocal preparation is recommended.

The Director of Admission will contact the family to notify them of the school's decision and if appropriate, to invite the student to the next scheduled Overnight Audition.

All inquiries regarding admission should be made to the Director of Admission, Lily Scott (, or 212-247-3311, Ext. 504)


Application File

Prior to the Overnight Audition, the following items must be received by the Choir School:

(The Preliminary Information Form)

Application is sent via email to the parents and should be returned to the Director of Admission via email.

Student Evaluation from the current classroom teacher

Parents should provide an email address to which the Director of Admission will send the form.

Student Evaluation from another teacher/leader who knows your son in an instructional setting.

Parents provide an email address to which the Director of Admission will send the form.

School Records

Parents complete the form and present it to their son's current school. A complete file, including grade reports, comments, testing and evaluations are to be included. The file should be mailed to the Admission Office at the Choir School.


Overnight Audition

Students arrive on Thursday afternoon between 3:00 and 5:00 PM and are immersed in the Choir School's schedule through Saturday morning. During this time, they will attend rehearsals, participate in sports, sleep in the dormitories, attend classes with their peers and take academic testing.

On Saturday morning the visiting boys join the choir rehearsal and then sing a final Vocal Audition for Mr. Scott. Parents are invited to attend a Q and A session with representatives of the Choir School staff.


Notification of Admission Decision

The Director of Admission will personally contact the family within a week to notify them of the admission decision. A letter of confirmation will also be mailed.


Confidentiality Statement

All families who participate in the admission process do so in confidence. In order to protect their privacy, families may only communicate with the Head Master, Director of Admission or Assistant for Finance until a student has matriculated.


Non-Discriminatory Policy

The Choir School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin in administration of their educational policies, admissions policies, scholarships and other school-administered programs.

















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