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The Sports Program

Sports constitutes an important part of boarding school life. We believe that it is essential for boys to expel energy on a regular basis and therefore, sports and fitness are incorporated into the boys' daily routine. This takes place either in the form of a twice weekly Physical Education class or a sports session three times each week. The Third Grade PE curriculum gives much attention to hand-eye coordination allowing the boys to learn the essential components of sports.


Class size and structure 

The Third and Fourth grades comprise the Lower School team. All boys are active members in the teams. Lower school is also encouraged to watch and support the Upper and Middle school teams play in their matches against other local schools.


Specific Sports

Soccer, basketball and softball are played in fall, spring and summer respectively. In addition to these three major sports the boys are taken out for swimming, ice skating, rollerblading and rock-climbing lessons throughout the year to allow them time outside of the school building. Fun events such as the Student-Faculty snowball fight in Central Park have also become annual highlights.  Our proximity to Central Park makes this wonderful play space quite accessible to the boys.

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