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Boarding Life

Boarding School life   

Life at Saint Thomas is busy and fun filled, and for many boys, more structured than they may be accustom.  Most days start at 7am and finish with lights out at 9pm. Boys generally adapt well to this change of schedule, but there is the occasional attack of homesickness.  Other boys who have experienced homesickness are frequently the greatest help.  A watchful staff and caring housemothers are always prepared to offer support and encouragement.  Cell phones are permitted in the school and the boys have the opportunity to call most days.
 At the end of each year, the Third and Fourth grades write notes about how they coped with their own homesickness.  The following year, these thoughts and words of advice are shared with new students. Advice from those who have experienced it is often the most helpful.

Extra Curricular Activities   

Life at the Choir School is packed with fun! Having a large group of similar-aged male friends around day and night provides companionship and forms life-long friendships.  Part of our busy schedule includes setting time aside for outings, ski trips, ice skating, playing in Central Park and the gym, playing pool and  foose-ball, ping-pong, piano, swimming, visiting museums and tours. We also enjoy some quiet times i.e. Friday night movie night, marshmallow nights around the fire on the 5th floor, chess tournaments, games nights, some computer time, etc. Each year culminates with 10 days at Camp Incarnation in Ivoryton, CT.  

Choir School Families  

All Third grade boys go home on Friday afternoons and return on Sunday evening. The reduced boarding schedule prepares them for the challenges of the following year when they are included in the weekend services at Saint Thomas Church. However, families are encouraged to join the school for sports games, attending evensong and special events such as the grand final of the chess tournament in March, music recitals, family day at camp in June, and attending Saint Thomas concerts at the church throughout the year.
Parent-School Contact
Parents are filled in on the goings-on at school by means of weekly emails from the Headmaster and Housemothers.  The Lower School teacher also sends a weekly email with photos of the new boys and their recent studies and activities. 
The weekly emails include upcoming events and changes to the schedule that you will receive at the beginning of the school year. Both the Headmaster and the Housemothers are available by E-mail or phone at any time while the boys are in school should you have any questions. In addition, each boy has an advisor who will contact you directly if they have any specific concerns about your son. A school counselor who is available on Sundays to meet with families &/or the boys, and is also available via email or telephone during the week. Each new parent is paired with a mentor parent, who will be available to assist you with parent-related concerns and questions that arise during the first year. 

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